Mythology inspires the premier collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos

May 30, 2017

Once the world’s most cosmopolitan destination, Delos was the quintessential religious, trade and commercial center of antiquity. Nowadays, a few miles away, arguably its modern day equivalent is Mykonos: A contemporary, glamorous sanctuary for the lovers of the good life around the globe.


Steeped in centuries of myths and traditions, in fact this corner of the world, seems to radiate an especially high energy-which, as in the past, once more attracts visitors from all over the world.


Mykonos’ supercharged vibes are undoubtedly connected, fueled and energised by its considerable mythological heritage.


The legends of the past meet modern style and conveniences at the San Marco collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos


At the San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas at Houlakia Bay, we have ample respect (and admiration) for the legends of the past. With due regard to tradition, to honor this blessed land’s cultural legacy we have named our collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos, after the inspirational deities of the ancient world.


Asteria was the Titaness goddess of falling stars, oracles, prophetic dreams, astrology and necromancy. A daughter of Koios and Phoebe, and the sister of Leto, she married Titan Perses and gave birth to Hekate, goddess of witchcraft. According to myth, when Hercules vanquished the Titans on the side of his father, Zeus, and imprisoned them under the Mykonian rocky terrain, Asteria escaped by transforming herself into a quail. As the story goes, she leapt into the sea and took the form of Delos. This island would subsequently become the only place on earth to which fugitive Leto, could find refuge from the vengeance of Hera and thus give birth to her children, Apollo and Artemis.


Asteria Villa of the San Marco collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos, nowadays offers its visitors a welcoming hideout from the demands of everyday life. With its swashes of colour against the characteristic Mykonos timeless white, it is a tastefully decorated one bedroom open plan villa with a sitting area, bathroom and WC. It also boasts its own private swimming pool as well as an open pool for special events.


Leto, sister of Asteria, was another Titaness and Zeus lover of choice. Leto was impregnated by the Father of Gods and while this happened before his marriage to Hera, the latter became unbearably jealous and pursued Leto with zest. She eventually found refuge in Delos, where she gave birth to twins Artemis and Apollo. Her problems continued for a while longer, but having such powerful children to protect and defend her made life so much easier. Leto’s story made her goddess of motherhood and protectress of the young. She also came to represent womanly virtue and decorum.


Elegant, fresh and airy, Leto Villa of the San Marco collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos,  boasts similar qualities with its namesake heroine. This welcoming, comforting villa unfolds in one level, offering two bedrooms, two bathrooms with Jacuzzis, a small sitting area, a WC, a private swimming pool and also a shared open pool  for special events.


The daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and wife of Zeus, Hera is in Greek mythology the Queen of the Gods. In fact even before her marriage to the Olympian’s ruler, she presided over heaven and earth and this is why she is also referred to as “The Queen of Heaven”. Despite being the protector of women, marriage and birth, she often became characteristically vengeful towards the many lovers and offspring of her -remarkably prone to infidelity- husband Zeus. One of her most prominent victims was aforementioned Leto. The display of human weakness is a trademark (and perhaps one of the most endearing traits!) of the Olympians, however. Hera thus in many respects represents the ideal woman and is in several depictions portrayed as the chief among the immortals in terms of beauty and grace.


Distinctively regal, blending opulence with contemporary minimalism, Hera Villa of the San Marco collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos, is arguably amongst the most luxurious properties on this elite island. Featuring an open plan bedroom with a sitting area and bathroom, a second smaller bedroom, and WC with shower and second bathroom, as well as its own private pool, and an open pool for special events, Hera Villa is an amalgam of immaculate aesthetic and ample functionality.


Most frequently depicted as a girl or young maiden with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows, Artemis is the Olympian goddess of hunting, the wilderness and wild animals. She is the illegitimate offspring of Leto and Zeus; and as her twin brother Apollo, was born in the sacred island of Delos. As the story goes, as soon as Artemis was born, she helped her mother give birth to her twin brother, thereby becoming the guardian of childbirth and labour.


Inspired by the goddess’s protective impetus, Artemis Villa of the San Marco collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos, resembles a haven of tranquility and calm. A sea view maisonette villa, it boasts one bedroom upstairs and a small sitting area downstairs, as well as a WC, a separate bedroom and bathroom, a private pool and a shared open pool for special events. With its eclectic mix of contemporary aesthetic with timeless Cyclades chic, it is another jewel in the San Marco’s crown.


Intrigued as we were by these fascinating age old tales, when creating our San Marco luxury hotel and villas at Houlakia Bay, we tried to imbue the properties with the enduring qualities of their namesake deities. Having poured our hearts and souls into the project, we’d like to invite you to our collection of luxury rentals in Mykonos, to see ancient myths coming alive.