Expand your horizons with the most fascinating Autumn villa holidays in Mykonos

October 20, 2017

Mega yachts are departing; beach bars are packing it in; celebrity DJ’s and singers are heading home. Come October, Mykonos starts winding down. (Mercifully) you’ll no longer hear Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry echoing from every corner; nor see inebriated hordes of tourists roaming around Chora’s quaint little streets.


Yet the weather, with the easing of the strong meltemi winds that this time of the year customarily brings, shows kindness: You can still lounge on the beach, acquire the perfect tan, and swim in the sea without shivering. Now is also the best time to broaden your horizons by trying something different.


If you’ve seen and done -and are somewhat fatigued by- all that is customary (and commonplace) in the notorious island of the winds, a good idea is to book your villa holidays in Mykonos in the Autumn. And if you’re looking for a most unique Mykonos experience, then Delos is the place to be.


A Unesco heritage site, this minuscule, pristinely beautiful island, right at the center of the Cyclades archipelago, rivals even the Athenian Acropolis in history, mythology and archaeological significance. The legendary birthplace of Artemis and Apollo; antiquity’s cosmopolitan, flourishing trading port and most sacred religious center, attracts tons of visitors during the busy season but in the fall you’ll have it virtually all to yourself. Climb up the steps that lead to Mount Kynthos for a panoramic view over the island and the surrounding Cyclades complex, and make sure you’ve got your camera handy and get ready to snap, dazzle and be dazzled!


About a half hour’s boat ride from Mykonos, Delos is bound to be a an eye opening discovery; a fascinating adventure you’ll surely remember in the years to come.


God’s and Goddesses’ Villa holidays in Mykonos


At the San Marco Luxury Collection at Houlakia Bay, we certainly find Delos bewitching enough; and that is why we have named our villas in conjunction to its captivating history and myth.


As the legend goes, Asteria was a Titaness goddess, who after the defeat of the Titans in Mykonos transformed herself into Delos to escape Zeus and Hercules. Christened after this formidable heroine, nowadays Villa Asteria, with its open plan design, timelessly chic decor and very own private pool, is an ideal choice for those looking to spend some uber stylish villa holidays in Mykonos.


Accordingly Leto Villa, is named in honour of Zeus tragic lover, who, pursued by his vengeful wife Hera, found refuge in Delos and gave birth to twins Artemis and Apollo.


Leto later became a symbol of womanly virtue and decorum, and her qualities are manifested throughout this elegant, fresh and airy, two bedroom villa with the private swimming pool.


Artemis Villa, on the other hand, a sea view double bedroom maisonette boasting an eclectic mix of contemporary aesthetic and whitewashed Cyclades chic, does justice to its namesake Olympian goddess and guardian of childbirth, by offering a haven of serenity and calm– a perfect option if you’re yearning for some tranquil, peaceful moments during your villa holidays in Mykonos.


And if you are looking for the ultimate in indulgent living whilst on villa holidays in Mykonos, there is Hera Villa. Blending immaculate aesthetics with ample functionality, this two bedroom, distinctively regal villa, is inspired by the mythological Queen of the Gods and Heaven and deservedly sits amongst the most coveted accommodation options on this elite island.


But Delos and the Olympian deities have not only influenced the design and naming of our villas. Aiming to do justice to the world famous concept of “philoxenia”, at the San Marco Luxury collection we proffer an unsurpassed range of tailor made services designed to transform your villa holidays in Mykonos, into an experience like no other. From the complimentary VIP transfer and the refreshing welcome with the finest champagne upon arrival, to the personalized health or beauty treatments or the lovingly prepared dinner on your private terrace, expect nothing but the absolute best. After all Mykonos is magical in the autumn; and we’d like to invite you to come and find out yourselves!