Discover the island’s magic at the San Marco luxury villas in Houlakia Mykonos

November 30, 2017

Learning about the history, secrets and myths of the place you’re about to visit, is part of the fun. Plus once you’re there you have a head start: you already know what’s hot and what’s not; and you’ve got some valuable insights into what you’re about to encounter and experience. So if you’re planning your first time trip to the San Marco luxury villas in Houlakia Mykonos, then how about a little intel, beginning from the ancient past right up to the present, to augment your upcoming visit?


The legend stipulates that Mykonos is the piece of rock thrown by Hercules to destroy the Giants. Popular theory has it that the island’s name means “a mound of stones” or “rocky place”; while another version asserts that it was named after hero Mykonos, son of the King of Delos who was the son of Apollo. The first inhabitants of the island were Cares, succeeded by Phoenicians, Egyptians and then Minoans. Around 1000 B.C. Ionians from Athens conquered the island and settled down in its territory. They left their mark on the island but it was during the time of Alexander the Great when Mykonos evolved into an important maritime and trade center, reaching its peak during the Roman occupation. In 1207, like the rest of the Cyclades, it came under Venetian domination. Three centuries later, in 1537, Mykonos once again changed hands and passed into the Turks. As the islanders were accomplished sailors, they proved instrumental during the War of Independence in 1821. Led by the heroic figure of Manto Mavrogenous, Mykonians revolted and fought against Ottoman rule with four armed ships and 140 canons. Their economy was destroyed but following the establishment of the newly formed Greek State, they succeeded in rebuilding it, using their textiles, as the driving force. In fact the Mykonian textile is renowned up to today. At the same time commerce thrived and local merchants thrived in Constantinople, Alexandria, Smyrna and Marseilles. At the turn of the century however, the advent of the steamships, the opening of the Corinthian Canal and later on, the perils of World War I, lead once again to a downturn of the local economy. Inhabitants fled the island to seek work in various urban centers in Greece and abroad. Until the mid 50’s Mykonos was a poor, destitute place, albeit endowed with a unique, pristine beauty and remarkably hospitable people. This is the sight that greeted the first tourists- scholars, drawn by the excavations of the French School of Archaeology in nearby Delos, artists, poets and politicians. In 1954 Queen Frederica organised a Royal Cruise in the Greek islands. On board were the princes and princesses of Europe who fell unanimously in love with whitewashed Mykonos. So the mega tycoons, royalty, intellectuals and movie stars of the era, started coming to Mykonos, in search of their very own paradise lost. The likes of Niarchos and Onassis, Jackie O, Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, swam, ate, drank, partied and flirted in Mykonos during the 50’s and the 60’s, enjoying an alternative, liberated way of life. In effect Mykonos was to become synonymous with freedom in the coming years; as celebrities and mere mortals alike, come here to experience some hedonistic, stress free, and very happy days. Nowadays Mykonos of course is remarkably more opulent than it was when it was first “discovered”; But it is this distinct combination of extravagance, luxury and nonchalance, that acts as a magnet to the world’s beau monde.


Indulgent holidays at the San Marco luxury villas in Houlakia Mykonos


With over two million visitors every year, the island of the winds is no doubt the hottest destination du jour. And the San Marco luxury villas in Houlakia Mykonos, is here to offer you the ultimate in indulgent living, in the world’s most thrilling holiday spot.


Situated at the peaceful and serene pebbly beach of Houlakia, in the north-west corner of the island, just 4km away from the main town; and specifically created with the discerning traveler in mind, the San Marco luxury villas in Houlakia Mykonos, offer a variety of accommodation options to suit different party sizes and individual preferences. From the two bedroom Leto and the Artemis sea view maisonette, to the open plan Hera and Asteria, all of the San Marco luxury villas in Houlakia Mykonos, boast magnificent sea vistas, timeless, elegant interiors, state of the art amenities, and their very own private swimming pools, in addition to the large shared pool.


What’s more, the San Marco luxury villas in Houlakia Mykonos, proffer an unsurpassed range of tailor made services, as well as Veranda and Pythari, arguably two of the most distinguished restaurants on the island. The picture of the good life is completed with the Houlakia Boutique Hammam Spa; San Marco’s very own sanctuary of well being.


After all Mykonos with its stirring history-present and past- has so much to offer; so you’ll surely need relax and unwind after your action packed, fast paced days!