A Midsummer’s night dream in your villa holidays in Mykonos

June 16, 2017

Ancient Greeks believed it was the beginning of the New Year. A sacred time dedicated to Goddess Athena and all high priestesses and hiereias; which was ceremoniously celebrated by a festival in honor of Athena so that rain would come to the crops. A procession was held in which food offerings and new cloths were brought to her statue. The statue was cleaned and then dressed in this new finery. This was also the time to honor Prometheus for stealing fire from the Gods and bringing it to his creation – mankind. Nowadays some call it midsummer. For others it marks the start of the season. Brits flock at Stonehenge to celebrate it as they did since time immemorial. In Latvia there’s Jāņi, when women wear wreaths on their heads. Estonia has Jaanipäev or St John’s Day, which marks a change in the farming year. Wianki happens in Poland, with roots in a pagan religious event, and Kupala Night takes place in Russia and Ukraine, where people jump over the flames of bonfires in a ritual test of bravery and faith.


No matter what your point of view, culture or religion, the summer solstice on June 21st , is certainly special. Technically, it’s when the northern hemisphere of the Earth is most inclined towards the sun, and this means we have the longest day of the year. With the first wave of holiday makers already on, it is high time to start planning your dream villa holidays in Mykonos. After all the island of winds, is one of the hottest destinations on earth, whether you’re looking for intensive action, romance and glamour or a family getaway with (loads of) style.


Unforgettable villa holidays in Mykonos


Just 4 km northwest of the center of town, at the beautiful, serene Houlakia Bay, the San Marco collection stands in all of its glory, promising the most unforgettable villa holidays in Mykonos.


For here, authenticity and warm hospitality, meets privileged location, ambience and grace, to make you feel truly welcomed; that you are a unique guest and not just one more visitor to this world famous, whitewashed Cycladic island. And this is what makes all the difference.


To match individual accommodation needs and preferences, the San Marco Sunset Villa collection  features 3 two bedroom villas and 1 open plan villa. While varying in size and design, all boast magnificent sea vistas, timeless, elegant interiors blended with opulent, state of the art amenities, as well as their very own swimming pools, in addition to the large shared pool.


Focusing entirely on customer satisfaction, this privileged resort intends to transform your villa holidays in Mykonos, into an experience like no other. With that in mind, it proffers an unsurpassed range of tailor made services. From the complimentary VIP transfer and the refreshing welcoming with the finest champagne upon arrival, to the personalized health or beauty treatments or the lovingly prepared, gourmet dinner at your private terrace, expect to be spoiled rotten. After all at the San Marco, we are very well aware that you deserve the absolute best and we’d like to invite you to experience the ultimate villa holidays in Mykonos.