All Villas at a Glance

    The authenticity, the warm and natural welcome for visitors, the feeling that you are a unique guest and not just one more visitor to the “island of the Winds” makes the real difference.


    This is the difference that we invite you to live here, at the exclusive location of the Sunset Villa Collection, just 4 km northwest of the center of Mykonos, at the beautiful Houlakia Bay.


    Our Sunset Villa Collection is the perfect choice, whether you are looking for a romantic hideaway, a family vacation or a luxury accommodation.


    Choose the right villa to suit you:



    Leto Villa

    • single level villa
    • two bedrooms

    Artemis Villa

    • maisonette villa
    • two bedrooms

    Hera Villa

    • open plan bedroom villa
    • two bedrooms

    Asteria Villa

    • one bedroom
    • open plan villa

    "Breath taking sea view, blows your mind"