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August 2, 2017

Semi clad celebrities -and mere mortals-prancing on the dance floor -or on the tables- of breathtaking open air venues under the spell of major international Dj’s -or famous Greek pop stars. Sure Mykonos is all about parties from dusk to dawn. But it also has another truer, more refined dimension: A thriving restaurant scene with some of the world’s premier culinary establishments; thought provoking art exhibitions, fascinating theatre and dance and ample contemporary as well as traditional cultural activity. The best way to discover this other, more authentic and somewhat secret side of Mykonos, is by opting to stay in one of the finest Mykonos Holidays Villas.


Situated at the peaceful and serene pebbly beach of Houlakia, in the north-west corner of the island, just 4km away from the main town, the San Marco Sunset collection deservedly sits among the best Mykonos Holidays Villas; in effect constituting an ideal base from which you’ll begin exploring our island’s rich and exciting cultural life.


After all the summer months and August in particular is when everything is at its peak, so it’s probably the best time to come. Being ourselves at the San Marco sunset villa collection advocates of the good life -in all its manifestations- we strongly recommend that you do not miss the various feasts and festivals-panygiria- that are held in the quaint little churches throughout the island in honor of the Mykonian patron Saints. This is a prime opportunity to immerse yourselves into the island’s traditional culture; and to enjoy an experience which is both unique and primordial. Mark that in view of the Dormition of Virgin Mary celebrations culminate on August 15th, with lavish fιestas involving folk music and dance-as well as copious amounts of food and drink. So be prepared for an alternative, yet equally intensive party!


After this epicurean extravaganza, you might want to ramp down a little. A good idea is to seek refuge into the beautiful, botanical garden of Cine Manto. This is an oasis of palm trees, towering pines and unique species of cactus; sheltered from the wind and always cool, in which you’ll get to watch first worldwide released films and movie classics under the bright stars of the Aegean sky. Cine Manto is in fact one of the most active cultural establishments in Mykonos, also organising concerts and shows, so check out their schedule!


For some further visual stimulation, bear in mind also that Mykonos boasts some world class art galleries: Operating for two decades to date, Rarity is the first art gallery on the island to showcase the work of internationally recognized artists and is, therefore, something of a historical site as well as a cultural one. Not limited to one particular style or genre, Rarity exhibits the work of established talents but also promising, upcoming names. On August 1st to 20th, in this largest and longest-running of all Mykonos’ art galleries, you’ll get to admire Californian Michael Reafsnyder’s joyously frenzied paintings.


In 2014, Skoufa Gallery, which was founded in 1981 in Athens, also expanded its activities in the heart of Mykonos town with the aim of highlighting high profile artworks, from painting and sculpture, to new media and design, representing the most current trends. Until August 5th, in the gallery’s spectacular and surreal setting, Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe shall be meeting Pablo Picasso, Mona Lisa and Superman under the blue Mykonian sky, in an improbable visual narration through the works of 13 renowned contemporary artists.


Moreover Mykonos has several remarkable museums such as the Archaeological Museum. Housed in a neoclassical building from 1902, it hosts an exhibition of ceramics originating from the mass grave discovered near Rineia, headstones, small artifacts, statuettes made of clay, jewellery and weapons.The Folklore Museum on the other hand, which was established in 1962 thanks to the efforts of the Folkloric Collection of Mykonos and Professor V. Kyriazopoulos, is housed in an 18th-century building and features traditional Mykonian furniture, Post-Byzantine sculptures and ceramics, bronze and iron keys and several popular instruments and tools. Furthermore the Aegean maritime Museum, in a renovated 19th-century Cycladic manor house, boasts a collection of heirlooms associated with the maritime history of Mykonos, including documents, old maps, engravings, navigational instruments, tools and accessories as well as old anchors.


So when traveling to Mykonos, apart from pursuing loads of fun under the sun, make sure you also set time aside for some mind and soul nourishment, in the form of the plethora of cultural activities that are taking place on the island of the winds.


Relax and unwind at your San Marco Mykonos Holidays Villas


Following your action packed days, you’ll be able to find some much needed repose and relaxation at your private haven of the San Marco Mykonos holidays villas.


Specifically created with the discerning traveler in mind, our collection boasts 3 two bedroom villas and 1 open plan villa, with magnificent sea vistas, timeless, elegant interiors, opulent, state of the art amenities, and their very own private swimming pools, in addition to the large shared pool. What’s more, the San Marco sunset villa collection proffers an unsurpassed range of tailor made services, as well as Veranda and Pythari, arguably two of the most distinguished restaurants on the island. After all our aim is to showcase the best of what Mykonos has to offer, elevating your stay to a truly unforgettable, cherished experience.